¡Meet the Band!

High-octane and infectious, ¡Viva Mayhem! invites you to dance, sing, and wear your heart on your sleeve. A seven-piece post-wave ska band out of Ithaca, NY, ¡VM! has a stellar female lead, a rockin' rhythm section and a tight hornline. Together, their sound is raw, original, and true.

Whoever said ska was dead has certainly not listened to this band. ¡Viva Ska! ¡Viva Mayhem!

¡Viva Mayhem! has come a long way since its 2013 debut as Mayhem Attack Squad. This post-wave ska band out of Ithaca, NY has seen a constant flux of band members, but the current line-up has been in place since September of 2018. ¡VM! sports a stellar female vocalist, a rockin' rhythm section and a tight hornline.

This band is a close-knit group with many songwriters. Their high-energy song catalog touches on every corner of the ska genre. If you like Reel Big Fish, Save Ferris, or Voodoo Glow Skulls, you are guaranteed to love ¡Viva Mayhem! High-octane and infectious, ¡Viva Mayhem! invites you to move, sing, and wear your heart on your sleeve.

Their "Fool On Fire" EP (released in March 2017) features five of their original songs, each with a different flavor to it. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland, the five tracks were recorded live in-studio. Wanting to avoid excessive studio editing, these tracks have touches of roughness, and are a true representation of what this band sounds like live.

September of 2017 saw ¡VM! in the studio again, but this time at SubCat Studios in Syracuse. Guided by Ron Keck at the boards, the band recorded another five songs. The EP, titled "We Get No Rest" released on February 10, 2018 at a sold out party at Casita del Polaris in Ithaca.

In November of 2017, ¡Viva Mayhem! recorded a new single "Just One More" at Studio Zoot with Alex Caminiti. This catchy track features the band with their previous member line-up and is available as a single on bandcamp.

The band has been working on a third, self recorded, EP since the end of Summer 2018. Titled "Love Me Still" it features two of the latest original songs and several previously unrecorded crowd favorites. Stay tuned for release info!

¡Viva Mayhem! has mostly performed in and around the Ithaca area, but they will soon be playing all over New York State and beyond to spread their happy vibes. You can also now listen on all major music streaming platforms.

Dave E. Baird Vocals/Trumpet

Sean Bonney-Burrill Drums

Paula M. Arzac Gaubeca Tenor Sax/Bass

Jeremy Betterley Guitar/Vocals

Brian Koopman Bari Sax

Tito Reyes Trombone

SensE Vocals

Ian Cummings Drums

Rob Natoli Bass

Cam Myers Drums

Sam Boyles Bass

Duncan Fuller Vocals

Dacia Driscoll Bass

Madeleine Traverse Vocals

Kristen Morgan Trombone

Jared Kaputkin Guitar