¡Viva Mayhem!

¡Meet the Band!

¡Viva Mayhem! is an 8-piece high-energy avant-garde ska/punk band out of Ithaca, New York.

There have been a few changes in the line-up since we started as 'Mayhem Attack Squad' in the fall of 2013, so try to keep up. =P

SensE Vocals

Cam Myers Drums

Brian Koopman Alto/Bari Sax

Paula M. Arzac Gaubeca Tenor Sax

Dave E. Baird Trumpet

Tito Reyes Trombone

Rob Natoli Bass

Jeremy Betterley Guitar

Sam Boyles Bass

Duncan Fuller Vocals

Kristen Morgan Trombone

Jared Kaputkin Guitar

Sean Bonney-Burrill Vocals and Drums

Dacia Driscoll Bass

Madeleine Traverse Vocals